Sarah Howard Photography


Sarah Howard is a professional UK landscape photographer and workshop provider in some of the most scenic regions of the UK and Europe

My interest in photography was initiated by my father, himself an accomplished amateur photographer, and developed further through time spent traveling overseas. Inspired, and subsequently mentored, by the renowned UK landscape photographer Charlie Waite, I was encouraged to develop my photography further and so it is to him I owe much gratitude for supporting me and helping me find my path in life.

In 2010, wishing to pass my knowledge on to others I set up ‘Image Seen’ which offers a variety of landscape photography workshops throughout the UK and Europe, as well as tailored one to one tuition. I absolutely love the workshops I do as not only do they give me great satisfaction, they also enable me to share some of the beautiful places I have been to, with others.

At present, I am currently working on my second book; ‘Photographing the Cotswolds’; part of the FotoVUE guidebook series.

I am a great believer of getting it right in camera rather than relying on too much manipulation in post production. I seek, in my image making, to record the landscape as it is, and to photograph it naturally and beautifully.

Aside of photography, my greatest passion remains travel and I am at my happiest whilst exploring the great outdoors with my camera.

As a creative tool the camera has allowed me to express my love of the landscape. Photography has certainly changed my life in the sense that it’s opened my eyes and allowed me to truly ‘see' the beauty of what is around me. Through it, I have found my vision has become more fine-tuned and I now look at my surroundings completely differently. As such, with a greater appreciation of the landscape I feel I have also developed a greater connection.